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Fun Motivational Keynote Speaker: Roger Reece

Keynotes that Motivate and Inspire Behavioral Change

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At a minimum, a motivational speaker should be able to make the members of an audience feel motivated for an hour. But if the effects of the keynote disappear after the speaker leaves the platform, you didn't get much of a return on your investment. An effective motivational speaker is one who motivates and inspires people to make significant changes to their perspective and their behavior.

Roger Reece's keynotes change peoples' perspectives, their mindsets and their behavior. When you contact us about your upcoming event, Roger will schedule a phone call with you to discuss your meeting, your organization and the behavioral changes you would like to see in the members of your audience as a result of the keynote.

Roger is not a one-keynote speaker; he designs every keynote with audience behavioral-change objectives in mind. Whether your objective is to motivate a sales force to work harder & smarter to improve revenue, or to help a group of hard-working employees feel appreciated and work together more effectively as a team, Roger's keynote will accomplish that objective.

Roger Reece & Buford Fuddwhacker: A Motivational Speaker Tag Team


Although Buford Fuddwhacker is Roger Reece's alter-ego, a fictitious character, Roger and Buford function as a two-man motivational speaker tag team in crafting a fun and successful keynote.

Buford cranks up the humor and the fun factor, breaking down the barriers of rigid, negative thinking. His stories and onstage antics are funny, and they make people laugh; but the real fun comes from the outrageously-funny audience participation. It's not the audience looking to Buford for a laugh as much as it is the audience discovering the fun and humor in their midst. Buford's underlying message is "You own your attitude," and audience members experience their own attitudes shift as they let go and allow the fun factor to change their perspectives.

After that, Buford morphs into Roger; and in delivering the keynote message he builds on Buford's key points, elevating them from motivational cliches to deep and relevant principles aimed at accomplishing your objectives for audience behavioral change. Roger enlightens, inspires, challenges and motivates with practical, real-life illustrations and insights.

Then Buford returns for the wrap-up with a final round of music, humor and a closing, feel-good perspective that sends the audience away laughing and talking about the experience.

Roger Reece's Solo Motivational Keynotes (without Buford)

keynote topics

If you're looking for more serious content and Buford's humor isn't your style, Roger will be happy to leave Buford at home when he delivers your keynote. His sense of humor shines through regardless of whether he's wearing Buford's teeth and glasses.

Roger's keynotes are fun, challenging and highly effective in connecting with audiences. He always involves the crowd, using creative techniques and fun exercises. He often brings questions and challenges down into the audience, allowing people to respond by wireless microphone. The resulting interaction is humorous, spontaneous and very real.

Roger's keynotes are high-content, but they aren't dry, conceptual or academic. They're practical and down-to-earth, brought to life with colorful personal stories of failures, successes, joy and pain. Whether you have an audience of 50 or 5000, Roger's insights, creativity, wit and spontaneity keep the audience fully engaged from start to finish.

If you want to include Buford but you would prefer to maximize Roger's time on the platform, we can make Buford the surprise guest to close the keynote. Since many of Roger's keynotes focus on personal transformation and behavioral change, his radical transformation to Buford Fuddwhacker at the end of the program brings home the point and has a dramatic fun-factor effect on the audience at the same time.

Engaging Keynotes Covering a Wide Range of Topics

Roger Reece's keynotes cover a wide array of subjects that can be easily customized for your meeting or conference. Below are a few examples:

  • The Attitude of Ownership
  • Enjoying Your Work, Your Career & Your Life
  • Creating Your Own Fun (Regardless of Circumstances)
  • Being Present is More Than Showing Up
  • Building Teamwork, Morale & Employee Motivation
  • Showing Your Customers How Much You Care
  • Customer Service: Why Should You Care?
  • If You Don't Like It, Do Something About It
  • Your Comfort Zone is Hazardous to Your Health
  • How to Identify a Leader
  • Teamwork, Productivity & the Leadership Gap
  • Conflict Management: The Key to Building Teamwork
  • Negotiation: The Key to Effective Relationships
  • Working with You and Other Difficult People
  • Time Management is an Attitude
  • Multi-Tasking & Other Time Management Delusions
  • Value Creation, Productivity & Opportunity Cost
  • Knowing When You're Stuck & Getting Unstuck
  • Fostering Creativity & Innovation
  • Managing the Source of Your Stress
  • Working On the Person Who Stresses You Out
  • Setting & Achieving Personal Goals
  • Achieving Shared Goals
  • Personal Growth: Getting Out of Your Way
  • Becoming Your Own Sales Manager

Contact us today for more ideas on how Roger Reece can deliver the perfect keynote for your event.

Choosing the Right Blend of Keynote Topic, Content, Humor & Audience Participation

  • Which topic is right for your meeting?
  • How much audience participation is too much?
  • What's the right ratio of Roger Reece content to Buford Fuddwhacker humor?
  • How long should the keynote be?

Much depends on your audience - the energy, mood and attitudes you'd like to create - as well as the agenda you've planned for the rest of the day.

Contact us and we'll give you feedback, options and suggestions. After a phone consultation, we'll email you a proposal with a detailed outline for a customized keynote for your event.

The Power of Music & Multimedia

Roger Reece's keynotes are not your typical "talking head" speeches. Roger and Buford's powerful keynote experience is enhanced through music and multimedia.

Buford often opens with 50's rock & roll: an "American Bandstand" simulation, with the entire audience playing kazoos while doing the Twist. He transforms the room into a Manhattan fashion show with disco music, background video and sound effects. He stages a Vegas-style Elvis show with impromptu Elvis impersonators from the audience. In every case, music and multimedia combine to make the experience larger-than-life.

Projected imagery is used throughout the program to invoke moods and to bring concepts to life. Programs may include video, animation, photography, and even riotously funny shots of audience members, hilariously transformed through Photoshop.

Whether Buford is staging a karaoke country hoedown, an onstage game show, or a full-audience chicken dance, the music and multimedia is smooth, seamless and always on queue. The result is a well-orchestrated, high-energy, immersive experience.

Promote Buford P. Fuddwhacker as Your Keynote Speaker or Make Him a Total Surprise

So how do you promote and advertise Roger Reece (and Buford Fuddwhacker) as your keynote speaker? We can give you three options, each with appropriate photos, bios and session descriptions that you can use in your online or printed programs and promotional materials.

  • Promote Buford P. Fuddwhacker as your keynote speaker.
    With this option, you don't even mention Roger Reece. We give you a tongue-in-cheek fictional bio and photos that will keep your attendees guessing, building a stir of anticipation.
  • Promote Roger Reece as your keynote speaker.
    With this option, we provide a photo and bio of Roger, with a session description that never mentions Buford. When it's time to introduce Roger, you use an alternate introduction: "Unfortunately, our keynote speaker, Roger Reece was unable to be here due to a personal emergency. He has sent us a replacement speaker, and I've just been handed this introduction..." After a huge build-up through the intro, Buford makes his grand entrance with his duct-taped briefcase, tattered hat and toilet paper on his shoes. The element of total surprise makes this a keynote opening they'll never forget.
  • Promote Roger Reece and his alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker
    With this option we provide photos of Roger and Buford together along with a bio and session description that explain that Buford is Roger's alter-ego, building anticipation of a fun and highly unusual keynote.

Regardless of which option you choose, Roger's keynote is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser and the most memorable session of your entire meeting or conference.

A great experience

The Value of Fun and Laughter

People learn better, listen better, work better and feel better when they're laughing and having fun. Wouldn't it be great if laughter and the fun factor could permeate the atmosphere throughout your conference? You can set a value on hotel and meal costs, but what's the value of laughter and positive attitudes? Don't miss the opportunity to create value and audience equity through a laughter-filled keynote.

If your conference is like most, there will be some very serious sessions on the agenda. Because of their content, some sessions may be tedious and filled with information. The danger is that participants either may suffer from information overload, or may begin asking themselves the question, "are we having fun yet?"

Let Roger and Buford get things started on the right foot: with a strong, healthy dose of fun and laughter. If it's true that laughter is therapeutic, you can look at your opening keynote as a therapy session. It's difficult to measure the value of fun and laughter; but the more of it you have, the more successful your conference will be.

Speaker in red pants

Your Most Popular Concurrent Sessions

After experiencing Roger & Buford's keynote, your conference attendees will want more. So we suggest you include one or more concurrent sessions with Roger Reece (with or without Buford Fuddwhacker).

Use the topic list above to select a topic for each concurrent session, or contact us for more suggestions. You may discover that Roger's sessions are the most popular sessions of your conference.

Sessions can be any length your agenda will permit. If you're interested in longer workshops, please visit the Workshops page of this website for more information.

Add a Motivational Team-Building Session to Your Agenda

Team ski competition

If you want a real change of pace, include a team-building session facilitated by Roger Reece (with or without Buford). Roger takes experiential learning to the next level with fun and creative team activities, designed to build teamwork and reinforce key learning points.

Activities can range from non-strenuous to very active. Roger doesn't bring a ropes course, but he knows how to convert a hotel meeting room into a team adventure world that will break up the sit-down session routine. If you want to add fun activities to your conference, contact us to brainstorm some creative ideas.

Fun After-Dinner Entertainment


Roger and Buford are the perfect team for an after-dinner program. If there's any place in your agenda that needs fun and laughter, it's the evening sessions following long days of meetings.

Let Buford be the warm-up act for your awards banquet, or give Roger and Buford the floor for the entire evening program. We can structure the perfect night of humor, entertainment, inspiration and motivation for your group.

If you're thinking of a Karaoke DJ, why not book Buford for the job? With his motivational humor, audience participation and his computer karaoke library of 3000+ songs, he's perfect for the job. And what about those people in your group who won't sing? If anyone can get them up there with a microphone, Buford can.

Your keynote speaker

What Will You Do for an Encore?

If you select Roger Reece and Buford Fuddwhacker as your keynote speaker(s) this year, you'll be raising the bar for next year. It's a tough act to follow. In fact, why not bring Roger & Buford back for a return engagement?

Many of our clients book Roger back year after year to their corporate events due to popular demand. We can offer you training workshops, team-building events and presentations throughout the year, with fresh new topics that build on a common foundation. Let's make this more than a keynote... let's form a partnership!

Reserve Your Date Today!

If you're evaluating speakers and you've already set the date for your event, check with us right away to make sure Roger is available. If he is, let us reserve the date for you until you complete your speaker evaluation and make your final decision. There's no obligation. If someone requests your date in the meantime, we will contact you right away, and we'll give you the right of first refusal.

Visit Buford's Website and Watch Online Videos

For more information about Buford Fuddwhacker than you'll ever want or need, please visit Buford's 90-page website at If you want to see Buford in action, contact us and we'll send you an online link to 20 minutes of video clips from some of his keynotes.


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