Fun Motivational Keynote Speaker
Fun Motivational Keynote Speaker: Roger Reece

Fun Motivational Workshops: When You Want More than a Motivational Keynote


In some cases a one-hour motivational keynote presentation is exactly what you need to kick off your meeting. If you are looking for a longer program, you may want to consider a workshop.

Training Facilitation & Corporate Events

Motivation and teamwork are important at every level of your organization. Whenever you hold have an employee meeting, contact us for ideas about how Roger Reece can help you to make the meeting a team-building event. We can also assist you by integrating motivational workshops into your management meetings, strategic planning sessions and retreats.

Roger's workshops are fun and entertaining, and occasional 15-minute segments with Buford Fuddwhacker keep them lively and entertaining. Workshops can range from one hour to a full day or more in length, and can include training, process facilitation, and team-building activities. Workshop size can be as small as three or four people, and as large as 50 or more. Roger has conducted full-day workshops for as many as 1,500 people at a time.

Training Workshops

We offer training in interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, presentation skills, time & stress management and many other subjects. We offer leadership workshops and management training for seasoned managers and new supervisors. Please check out the links in the information box below for information on our Training Workshop Topics.

All our training workshops are conducted by Roger Reece, assuring quality and consistency. Many of our clients use our services for ongoing employee and management training. When we develop a customized workshop for your organization, you can be confident that it will be consistent with your values, principles and processes.

Training Workshop Topics

Our DISC training workshops always include training in understanding behavioral styles and working effectively with people of all styles. We can expand your workshop to apply the DISC training to specific areas of skill development.

Below is a list of topics we can integrate into your workshop program. In customizing the content for your team, we can include one or more of the topics listed below. For more information on each topic, click on the associated link:

DISC assessments are an integral component of our workshops. If you are interested in assessments, but are not ready for a workshop, contact us for pricing information. We can provide you with assessments online, and you can use any major credit card for payment.

Many of our clients use our DISC assessments as hiring and management tools. We can provide you with assessments on an ongoing basis, for new hires as well as for all your current employees, supervisors, managers and executives.

Although Roger Reece is an accomplished motivational speaker, he doesn't dominate his training workshops with motivational "preaching." His workshops are highly interactive: everyone participates in discussions, dialogues, exercises and activities. Depending on the topic and the makeup of the group, the exercises and activities may include role-play, small-group breakouts, games, simulations and process facilitation.

Personality Assessments


In many of Roger Reece's training workshops, he incorporates personality assessments based on the DISC Behavioral Model. Workshop participants complete the assessments online in the week prior to the workshop, and receive a 25-page personal profile.

The DISC assessments personalize the workshop experience for each participant, and provide an added dimension to training. For more information about how DISC assessments can enhance your training workshop, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website at

Process Facilitation Workshops

If you are planning a meeting to define and outline your company or departmental strategy, bring Roger Reece in as the facilitator. Roger can guide your group through the strategy formulation and team decision process. It's easy to get off track, and having the expertise and objectivity of an outside consultant and facilitator can dramatically improve your productivity and effectiveness.

Are you planning a meeting to formulate your 5-year plan, your customer service direction or your product development strategy? Do you want to develop a corporate values or mission statement? Roger can improve the results of any meeting that requires creativity, objectivity, clarity, teamwork, and a structured process.

Roger's MBA and 25-year background as a top-level corporate executive, along with his speaking, training, consulting and facilitator background, give him the perfect set of qualifications to work with your team.

Roger is an experienced conflict mediator and is highly effective in dealing with strong personalities, negative attitudes and personality conflicts. And his sense of humor always makes what might otherwise be a tense or tedious meeting fun.


Roger Reece offers one-on-one and small-group coaching in conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, managerial effectiveness and personal productivity skills. Expand the value of Roger's training or facilitation workshop by scheduling one or more coaching sessions with key individuals after the workshop.


A leadership-team or departmental retreat always sounds like a great idea, but it takes careful planning and all the right ingredients to maximize the value of the event. Roger and Buford can bring a whole new dimension to this year's retreat.

Team-building activities, training, facilitation and evening entertainment are all important ingredients that Roger and Buford can provide. Contact us to brainstorm creative ideas for making your retreat the best ever!

Team Building

Team-Building Events

Does your hard-working team seem a little burned out? Do you need a morale boost? Would you like to see more teamwork among your managers and employees?

Let us work with you to organize a team-building event. Regardless of the size of your group, we have a wide array of indoor and outdoor team activities to add fun and challenge to the event. Between Roger Reece and Buford Fuddwhacker, we can provide all the elements you need to orchestrate a successful occasion. Please visit our Team Building Workshops website ( for more information.

Customer-Appreciation Events

If you host an annual user-group meeting or customer-appreciation event, let us work with you to take it to a new level this year. If you've never held a customer event, let us help you in the planning process. Your customers are your key to success; so invest in them with a motivational workshop or get-to-know-us event. We can supply a motivational keynote, training, entertainment and fun activities that together will ensure successful results.

motivational pep rally

Motivational Pep Rallies

A company picnic or quarterly all-employee meeting can be transformed into a high-energy pep rally, with a little help from Roger and Buford. If you're going to bring everyone together, don't miss the opportunity to build morale and team spirit.

Community Workshops & Events

Give back to your community, and create corporate awareness & goodwill, by sponsoring a free stress-management workshop. We can provide an entertaining and educational program with sessions on interpersonal communication skills, goal setting & achievement, life balance and a variety of other topics.

Trade Shows

Get the most out of your trade show booth with Roger Reece and/or Buford Fuddwhacker! As a professional motivational speaker with a highly-technical marketing background, Roger can succinctly articulate your product or service message to the people who visit your booth. And if you want to make it extra fun, we can throw Buford into the mix.

Can a Motivational Speaker Motivate People?

motivating people

Based on our experience over the past decade, we have to answer this question with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Roger Reece conducts over 100 motivational keynote presentations and workshops each year - and results attest to the fact that these events really do raise motivation levels. People tend to get caught up in their day-to-day work, with its tensions, deadlines and repetitive routines. Periodically, it helps to participate in a fresh, lively motivational experience. And that's exactly what we provide.

FunMotivationalKeynoteSpeaker is a mouthful, but it succinctly describes the motivational team of Roger Reece and his alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker. Let us help you make your next meeting or conference an unforgettably successful event. Contact us now, for a link to online videos of Roger & Buford and some creative ideas for your upcoming event.

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